During the SEEDIG 6 week, we will host a series of SEEtalks featuring 1:1 interviews with experts in various Internet and digital policy issues. The SEEtalks will be connected with the SEEDIG 6 sessions and will be framed as:

  • In-depth talks on a specific topic that will later on be touched on in a session
  • Follow-up talks continuing a specific discussion started during a session

Live conversations with digital policy experts

Meet our guests

Wednesday, 23 September | 10:00 CEST The future of work:
Are we prepared?

A conversation with

Varujan Pambuccian

Member of Parliament | Parliament of Romania

Moderated by

Su Sonia Herring 

SEEDIG Executive Committee

Thursday, 24 September | 14:00 CEST The Roadmap for digital cooperation: What next?

A conversation with

Yu Ping Chan

Senior Programme Officer | United Nations

Moderated by

Marcin Cichy 

Lodz University of Technology

Thursday, 24 September | 14:30 CEST Election security

A conversation with

Dave Leichtman

Director | Strategic Projects, Microsoft Defending Democracy Program

Moderated by

Vladimir Radunović


Friday, 25 September | 12:15 CEST Post-COVID 19 digital transformation in healthcare

A conversation with

Arunakiry Natarajan

Project Manager | Management4health GmbH

Moderated by

Olga Kyryliuk 

SEEDIG Executive Committee

How it will work


The SEEtalks will be conducted live (preferably) or pre-recorded, depending on the availability of the experts. Live SEEtalks will include a short Q&A section at the end, allowing SEEDIG 6 participants to ask questions.


The SEEtalks will be integrated in the SEEDIG 6 programme, in the time between two main sessions (i.e. between 12:00 and 15:00 CEST). The length of each talk will be agreed on with the guest; it could range between 15 and 30 minutes.



Each talk will then be announced via SEEDIG communications channels and the community will be invited to suggest questions and issues to be raised with the guest.


All SEEtalks (live and pre-recorded) will remain available on the SEEDIG 6 website, as recordings and podcasts to be later watched/listened to by anyone interested. They will later on be transferred to the SEEDIG main website, as we intend to run the SEEtalks as a continuous SEEDIG project.