21–25 September 2020 | online SEEinnovate


At SEEDIG 6, we want to showcase the innovative potential of South Eastern Europe and the neighbouring area (SEE+), in the framework of the SEEinnovate interactive track.

Run in cooperation with our partners Cluj IT Cluster and Moldova IT ParkSEEinnovate will feature companies based in the SEE+ region which have developed or are developing innovative digital products or services designed to contribute to social good and sustainable development

Showcasing innovation

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Digital technologies for social good and sustainable development


EduXR is an open access platform for education, with digital VR/AR learning aids for students and teachers. It can be used for home learning and both remote and traditional lessons.


Xwalk is a mobile application that will guide you by the hand in a new place, revealing the cultural heritage of the place you are visiting. It relies on AR and geolocation.


1ofU is a mobile application for autistic children to overcome their problems with communication, expressing thoughts and socialisation. The goal is to simplify autistic children’s daily life, to integrate them into society and to develop their abilities.


Hiresource is a platform and infrastructure allowing primary and secondary education institutions to source student candidates for international enrollment from networked education agents globally while benefiting from standardised contract framework (association) and fintech enabled international payments.

About the track

Call for expressions of interest

We are inviting expressions of interest from companies interested in being part of the SEEinnovate track at SEEDIG 6.

We would love to hear from you if you represent a company (small or large) which is:

  • based in a SEE+ country/economy,
  • developing an innovative product/service which showcases the potential of digital technologies to contribute to social good and sustainable development,
  • and interested in making your product/service better known to the public.
Fill out our short form below to tell us about your company and how your digital product/service contributes to social good. Deadline: 15 September 2020.*

Why join the SEEinnovate track?

  • Help us demonstrate that the SEE+ region has an outstanding innovative potential

  • Contribute to showcasing the potential of digital technologies to contribute to social good and sustainable development

  • Make your company and product/service known to a wide audience made of digital tech and policy enthusiasts from SEE+ and beyond

  • Be part of the overall SEEDIG 6 programme and contribute to the debates on how the SEE+ region can advance on its way to sustainable digital development

What exactly are we looking for?

As indicated by the track’s overall theme, we want to showcase exceptional and innovative solutions that demonstrate how digital technologies could contribute to social good and the achievement of sustainable development goals (SDGs). Below are some examples of what we would like to see in the expressions of interest.

Examples of technologies underpinning the showcased solutions

  • The Internet (including Internet of Things)
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Robotics
  • Blockchain
  • 3D printing
  • Augmented/virtual reality
  • Biotechnology, etc.

Examples of digital solutions to pitch

  • Digital products/services focused on addressing challenges brought by the Covid-19 pandemic in areas such as healthcare, education, business processes, etc.
  • Digital solutions aimed to tackle environmental challenges
  • Digital solutions dedicated to improving governmental processes
  • Digital solutions that help reduce social inequalities (e.g. targeting communities such as migrants, people with disabilities, rural communities)
  • Fintech solutions promoting financial inclusion
  • Other digital solutions that contribute to achieving SDGs

How will it work?

During the SEEDIG 6 week (21–25 September 2020), selected companies will have up to 15 minutes to pitch their product/service and interact with SEEDIG 6 participants, in line with the following guidelines.


Before SEEDIG 6, we will ask you to send us a very short teaser description of your product/service, to be integrated into the SEEinnovate track presentation.


You will pitch your innovative digital product/service designed to contribute to social good and sustainable development, and explain:

  • How it uses digital technologies, and
  • How it contributes to social good and sustainable development.

We strongly recommend that you use visual elements during your presentation.



Each pitch will be followed by a short discussion in which SEEDIG 6 participants will be able to ask questions about the presented product/service. So be prepared to interact with the audience.

Follow up

Your pitch will be recorded and made available on the SEEDIG 6 website.

We will also make sure to promote your teaser and recorded pitch as part of the SEEDIG 6 follow-up, thus reaching a wider audience. This could also be accompanied by your/your company's contact details, so those interested could reach out to you directly.

* If the number of expressions of interest received exceeds the number of available slots during the SEEDIG 6 programme, the organisers may conduct a selection process to identify the innovations that best align with the SEEDIG 6 topics.